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Developing Your Childrens Future

Our classroom is a mixed age environment where children can learn from their peers; channel their energy into activities that stimulate their creativity, imagination, and curiosity. Our educators instill a deep-rooted love of learning by engaging the children in purposeful play and discovery. Children are introduced to an academic-based, sequential learning model which incorporates a proprietary blend of the Montessori and Reggio curriculums, setting the foundation for future academic success and developing the whole child.

Where Your Child Learn and Explore

Our Casa 2 curriculum supports the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the child. Our educators are your trusted partners in guiding your child’s development. We go beyond play-based learning to provide nurturing guidance in helping our students achieve and

master key developmental milestones.

Our children learn to build order, coordination, inner security, and concentration habits. The Casa 2 classroom is a child‐centered, educator‐guided learning environment. Children are introduced to the four mathematical operations in a variety of ways and with a variety of materials. Children physically add, subtract, multiply, and divide with manipulatives. With this foundation, children as young as 4 can be observed in the classroom working out addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with numbers in the thousands.


Writing starts earlier in our classrooms than in many other settings. Our teachers begin teaching children about letters; and focus on the sounds that the letters make and not so much on their names. We want parents to know the value of using a letter’s most commonly used sound when referring to it. The children will start to read naturally after they learned all the sounds of the alphabet.

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