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At BJAMS, we deliver an accredited, evidence-based curriculum you will not experience at any other childcare centre. Our methodology is rooted in the belief that children are born with an inherent love of learning, and it is our job to build upon that desire. We believe that balance of academic, creative, social and emotional experiences is crucial in laying the foundation for early learning.


The BJAMS proprietary program is comprised of a blend of four scientifically proven curriculum models that can be adapted to meet each child’s unique developmental journey. While learning approaches might be different, each model has the same cornerstones in terms of providing students with academic experiences, opportunities for collaboration and creative expression while optimizing emotional health.



Each Montessori classroom is specifically designed to stimulate learning and cultivate a calm environment. Activities are set on low shelves that are easily seen and accessed by BJAMS children. When the educator facilitates an area of learning, children are open to go to the appropriate shelf and choose which activity they would like to use. The activities themselves are practical, inviting, and easily manipulated and stimulate multi-sensory learning. This choice ensures that children feel like active participants in their educational journey.

BJAMS covers a full-range of after school courses for your children, we teach a variety of classes spanning Arts and French


After School

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