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BJAMS is offering an art program to enhance our student's creativity and build their artistic skills and techniques. Our goal is to teach our students a new skill, and explore a variety of mediums and art forms through fun and play.

COURSE : Little Picasso's

Age Range: 3- 5 Years

Course Introduction:

This program is designed for students who have an interest in using their hands to create Art pieces from their ever-growing imagination. This program will allow your child to explore all types of mediums and materials.

COURSE : Little Da Vinci's

Age Range: 6 - 9 Years

Course Introduction:

This Program is designed for more advanced artists. Your children will be exposed to the worlds famous artists and study the artwork of the masters.

Image by Cheng Qi Huang


Image by Andrea Maschio

French is the second most useful and powerful language in the world of business. Why not start our children young? We know the importance of education and exposing them to learn a different language in early years as it is their prime years to learn multiple languages.

Course:              Les Petits Lutins

Age Range:        3 - 5 Years

Course:               Les Grenouilles / Les Enfants du Monde

Age Range:         6 - 9 Years

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