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Stimulating Curiosity

The BJAMS preschool program is a vibrant, experiential learning environment for your little explorer. We provide a holistic program that harnesses the power of two scientifically-proven, time honoured curriculums balancing both left and right brain learning. Children’s imaginations will be capture through our comprehensive program including art, music, movement, technology and drama lessons. Our educators provide an enriching experience designed to build self-exploration and self-confidence laying the foundation for a love of learning.


Creative Space




Core Knowledge

Child development, rooted in science


Unlike other childcares, our Preschool program is not solely based on unstructured play time. At BJAMS, we focus on developing the whole child through both independent and educator directed activities. BJAMS children are provided sequenced lessons designed to increase their skill and independence. Through our proprietary blend of Montessori and Core Knowledge curriculums, our preschoolers are exposed to both individualized and group learning opportunities.

Our curriculum allows children to thrive and provides learning opportunities in language, math, science and social skills. Each child is encourage to learn at their own pace, while having fun along the way. The BJAMS preschool program lays the foundation for JK/SK and beyond.

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