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Our Program

The Montessori curriculum is an extremely well respected and trusted methodology that has been supporting children’s academic development for over 100 years. It is founded on two main principles: a child’s natural curiosity to learn and their love of gaining new knowledge and skills. A Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared environment that offers exposure to a variety of materials and experiences. This hands-on approach allows the children to see, listen, and feel concepts that they are learning. You’ll often notice a quiet hum in a Montessori classroom as children work independently or in small groups. Through engagement in age- appropriate activities, BJAMS children of all ages develop concentration, persistence and discipline.

Practical Life


Practical life activities are purposeful tasks that imitate actions experienced in everyday life. These activities are applicable within each age group and adapt to each child’s unique developmental journey. Gaining real-world skills is a cornerstone of developing the whole child and supports children’s confidence outside of the classroom. These activities are often multi-sensory in nature as the Montessori philosophy is founded in the idea that children learn from everything they see, hear, touch, taste and feel. For that reason, children are presented with activities that will stimulate multiple senses at a time for them to truly immerse themselves in their learning.

The Montessori Classroom 

Each Montessori classroom is specifically designed to stimulate learning and cultivate a calm environment. Activities are set on low shelves that are easily seen and accessed by BJAMS  children. When the educator facilitates an area of learning, children are open to go to the appropriate shelf and choose which activity they would like to use. The activities themselves are colorful and inviting, easily manipulated and stimulate multi-sensory learning. This choice ensures that children feel like active participants in their educational journey.

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