We believe that children can succeed in all aspects of life because they are competent, capable individuals who are curious and rich in potential.


“The whole child”, will exceed not only in all areas of academics, but also in life skills. 

With this belief… 

Bloomfield Junior Academy Montessori School endeavours to value and build on the children’s strengths and abilities. The school provides an enriched and positive learning program, that challenges and stimulates the curiosity of the child through the exploration and manipulation of concrete educational materials, within a safe and nurturing Montessori environment 

The teachers are to engage with, observe and listen to the children during work and play to ensure that the four foundational conditions of: Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement

and Expression, continue to grow and flourish for learning to continue. 

Belonging - refers to a sense of connectedness to others, an individual’s experiences

of being valued, of forming relationships with others and making contributions

as part of a group, a community, the natural world. 

Well-being – addresses the importance of physical and mental health and wellness.

It incorporates capacities such as self-care, sense of self and self-regulation skills. 

Engagement – suggests a state of being involved and focused; when children are

able to explore the world around them. 

Expression – or communication (to be heard, as well as to listen) may take many

different forms through their bodies.